Alberto Campo Baeza. The motives of stone.


Alberto Campo Baeza, house VT a Zahara


Most works by Alberto Campo Baeza are based on the idea of stone as a radical and contemporary architectural essence. Thanks to drawings, models and photographs, Alberto Campo Baeza. The motives of stone exhibition presents this theme and its various employments in the domains of architecture, urban projecting, and temporary pavilion setting. For the Spanish master, architecture is “idea construida” (built idea); he states the fundamental patterns of his method are gravity, through which he builds space, and light, which reveals the dimension of time.
Reason, meant as an articulated process of knowledge, consciousness and understanding, is then the main guidance of the architect’s projecting action. The exhibition wants to show the visitors the “motives”, the reflections, the reasons why stone is present in Campo Baeza’s work.


Alberto Campo Baeza, schizzo per Casa VT a Zahara

Borrowing  the words “steretomic” and “tectonic” from Gottfried Semper’s terminology, as they were used by Kenneth Frampton in his Studies in Tectonic Culture essays (1995), Alberto Campo Baeza expresses the stereotomic inertia of gravity through firm, compact and continuous stone walls; in opposition to these solid and opaque constructions, he elevates tectonically subtle and moveable surfaces, characterized by different grades of visual permeability. In order to create delicate plans, built as two-dimensional entities forming sequences of enclosed volumes, the architects employs the transparency of glass or of stone itself, cut to subtle, metal-like width.
The exhibition, curated by Davide Turrini, begins with Cathedral Square in Almeria – the horizontal plan where the stereotomic and tectonic elements meet one another, once again within the stone material –, and ends with The stone of Sysifus pavilion, where the presence of stone stresses again the concept of gravity in a refined series of suspensions and duplicated images.


A view of the exhibition with drawings and models by Alberto Campo Baeza

Exhibited works

? Almeria Cathedral Square;

? Orihuela Library;

? Headquarters of Caja de Ahorros in Granada;

? BIT Center in Inca;

? Enlargement of the Delegation for Public Health Offices in Almeria;

? Entre Catedrales Square in Cadiz;

? La Idea Construida Pavilion for Pibamarmi;

? Benetton Offices in Samara;

? Offices for Junta Castilla y León in Zamora;

? VT House in Zahara;

? The stone of Sysifus Pavilion for Pibamarmi.


The exhibition is hosted at Spazio Pibamarmi till 30 December 2013.


Alberto Campo Baeza.

24 September – 30 December 2013

Spazio Pibamarmi

Via Chiampo 78

36071 Arzignano (VI)



Davide Turrini





Graphic identity

Giulia Pellegrini



Paolo Armelli



Alessandra Bravo


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