THE BLACK BROTHERS capsule collection, complete set

Pibamarmi introduces THE BLACK BROTHERS, a new capsule collection of freestanding wash basins in Nero Marquinia marble. These “brothers” are Ruvido, Elegante, Gentile, and Amabile (Rough, Elegant, Gentle and Amable), four presences that translates four characters of the stone in a stimulating analogy between their sensorial qualities and the personalities of the hypothetical users.



Elegante and Amabile wash basins, details

Each of them underlines the unmistakable qualities of natural stone: Ruvido, in its block-like shape, preserves the signs of the excavating process; the cylinder volume of Elegante has subtle lines; Gentile and Amabile show perfectly polished wine glass profiles.


Ruvido wash basin, detail

Each basin, obtained from a single marble block, is treated with the state-of-the-art Acid Shield finishing, conceived by Pibamarmi to solve any kind of wearing-out and maintenance problems.