The mock up of Roman Villa

An image of the completed mock in the Pibamarmi workshop

Pibamarmi is the perfect partner who accompanies clients and designers in every step of the architectural process, from the engineering of the project to the selection and shipping of stone materials, including manufacturing of the finished products and assistance in the building site.
Being an independent and agile smart company and thanks to the experience of its employees, it is able to create particularly complex mock ups, where the processing of stone materials is integrated to innovative executions of other materials and artistic techniques.


Details of the mock up with different solutions for wall paintings and basement marbles

This is the case of a model recently created at our factory in Chiampo that aimed to test structural and aesthetical aspects of an ambitious villa inspired by ancient Roman precedents. This proposition was curated by Mark Wilson Jones, architect and founder of Apollodorus Architecture, who has established an international reputation at the University of Bath for his research into the compositional and constructive characteristics of Greek and Roman buildings.

Detail of the mock up in the intersection of different stone frames

Pibamarmi was involved from the beginning of the project, supporting the resolution of tailor-made formal and structural solutions for the stone components of the building. Essential in the engineering process was the creation of the mock up simulating with precision at 1:1 the construction of a section of the peristyle, complete with every stone element of the architectural order and provisional trials for the marble wainscots and wall paintings.