Marmo Quotidiano

From prototype to product

Daniele Della Porta, IN BILICO vases for Pibamarmi, Marmo Quotidiano competition 2017.

In April 2017 Pibamarmi announced its MARMO QUOTIDIANO design competition to promote new experimentations on stone design and create original objects and complements. Its call for ideas consisted in two categories: Guest, where six designers such as Francesco Dell’Aglio, Daniele Della Porta, Gianluca Gimini, Filippo Protasoni, Omri Revesz, and Studio Lievito were invited to participate in; and Outsider, open to all under 30 designers. The Outsider section collected 13 projects by individual designers or projecting groups.


Gianluca Micheli, Maria Vittoria Modugno, Ilaria Todeschini, PALOMAR lamps for Pibamarmi, Marmo Quotidiano competition 2017.

Filippo Protasoni, NOVE-DICIOTTO desk objects for Pibamarmi, Marmo Quotidiano exhibition 2017.

The competition jury, formed by Evelina Bazzo (Umbrella), Paola Carimati (Elle Decor Italia), Vittorio Longheu (architect and designer), Damiano Steccanella (Pibamarmi president), and Davide Turrini (Pibamarmi art director and scientific director of the competition), awarded the following prizes:

- Daniele Della Porta - first place, Guest category;
- Filippo Protasoni - second place, Guest category;
- Francesco Dell’Aglio – special mention, Guest category;
- Gianluca Micheli, Vittoria Modugno, and Ilaria Todeschini – first place, Outsider category;
- Agnese Dal Pont, Elena Calabrò, Loris De Grandia, and Michael Carion – special mention, Outsider category.

Francesco Dell’Aglio, ENHYDRO lamp for Pibamarmi, Marmo Quotidiano exhibition 2017.

The competition outputs are selected and shown in a currently ongoing special exhibition of prototypes at Spazio Pibarmarmi and in a dedicated catalogue. All of them were inspired by the observation of a specific aspect of every-day life (sometimes through more intellectual filters) and then developed into a pragmatic and appropriate design, based on precise configurations, small in dimension and easy to manufacture.

Studio Lievito, CIRCONDO candlestick for Pibamarmi, Marmo Quotidiano competition 2017.

Gianluca Gimini, bookend from PROGETTO 58 collection for Pibamarmi, Marmo Quotidiano competition 2017.

In most of the submissions the apparent limitations linked to the nature of stone material itself become stimulating inputs to preserve the product functionality and to give a refined originality to the most elementary formal solutions. The projects selected during MARMO QUOTIDIANO competition are now in production and will constitute a brand-new segment of Pibamarmi commercial catalogue.

di Davide Turrini