A piano di posa by Vittorio Longheu

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From Morandi’s atelier to the contemporary living space

Giorgio Morandi expressed its painting style through every-day objects laid on plain and neuter surfaces, in void and abstract places. Bowls, bottles and boxes, often matched to their geometrical synthesis, are motionless and silent entities, but at the same time lyrical and suggestive presences. Vittorio Longheu took inspiration from these models and mental spaces to design a new basin made of wood and stone, characterized by a perfectly linear shape and conceived to welcome the objects
and rituals of contemporary life. This basin, “piano di posa”, created by Pibamarmi, will be previewed at Fuori Salone in Milan.


8th-11th April 2014


Via Privata del Gonfalone, 1 – Milano 

tel. +39 02 36517521