Souto de Moura and Pibamarmi SOLID WALL / EPHEMERAL WALL

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solid wall / ephemeral wall
Verona, Marmomacc 2014

For 2014 Marmomacc Pibamarmi chose to collaborate with Eduardo Souto de Moura, internationally recognized Portuguese architect awarded with prestigious prizes as the Heinrich Tessenow Gold Medal and the Pritzker Architecture Prize. The exhibition space he conceived for the Chiampo brand will consist in stone walls giving access to hidden rooms, indicated by structures covered in fabric. According to Souto de Moura, the pavilion will activate a reflection on the solid wall/ephemeral wall duality, linking to theories and projects by Aldo Rossi and Robert Venturi.


Verona, Marmomacc
Pavilion 1, Living Stone space
24-27 September 2014