Made Expo 2009

"Saturnia" collection

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Piba Marmi would like to thank the customers, the press and the visitors of its stand La Palissade at this year edition of MADE Expo, and we use this occasion to announce the presentation of Saturnia, the new line of natural stone elements for the bathroom furnishing designed by Philippe Nigro.
Protagonist of a peculiar creative experience based on the theme of geometrical intersections applied to furniture and stuffed objects, Nigro is now declining his research on natural stone designing a collection in which the consideration about the melting of social groups, individual destinies, languages and informative networks leads to the conception of stone solids, sequences full of empty spaces or filled surfaces that converge the one into the other, partially overlapping or completely superimposing, and generating surprisingly new configurations.

After having presented a prototype of the collection during MADE Expo, Piba Marmi will officially present Saturnia in the next editions of Abitare Il Tempo and Marmomacc in Verona. In these occasions the elements designed by Philippe Nigro will be exhibited in the new pavilion of the firm, designed by Alberto Campo Baeza, and will give life to a previously unseen setting entitled Monocromo, created for the cultural exhibitions of Abitare Il Tempo in collaboration with Il Casone, Fischer, Viabizzuno and Officine Chiodin.