A Temple for the Stone Gods

Manuel Aires Mateus

Verona, Marmomacc 2010

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The search for a continuous and solid wall configuration made of stone, delimitating a complex system of rooms, is expressed once again by Manuel Aires Mateus in his project for Pibamarmi pavilion at 2010 Marmomacc.
The setting consists in a compact and perfectly squared block of stone, interrupted by four openings that give access to the interior spaces thought as structured concentric cavities. In this way a concatenation of reserved and hierarchical rooms takes form, conceived to host the refined monoliths of Pibamarmi design collection. These design elements are the cult objects of the contemporary rituals linked to body care; the work by Aires Mateus encloses them, at the same time hiding and revealing them in a smooth, monochromatic and highly architectural total-stone setting.