The Hut

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During the latest edition of World Forum on Urban Forest held in Mantua, architect Vittorio Longheu interpreted the theme of the meeting between urban and natural environments through an installation that reformulated the archetypal shape of the hut as a place where the vegetable essence is turned into architecture.




The construction, located in the courtyard of the local University among secular mulberry trees, presents few but meaningful material elements: the wood of the covering and a little series of columns and pillars; and the Prun stone of the floor laid on a sand bed. The geometrical shape of the circle, taken from the primitive tholos, originates the plan. The same shape, pressed and inclined, characterizes the two roof pitches serving as a refuge but also a staging and meditation point.



Promoted by Milan Politecnico and the Mantua Chamber of Architects, the installation was possible thanks to the contributions by Pibamarmi, which supplied the stone floors, Bottoli Costruzioni and Officine Tabarelli

by Davide Turrini