Tsuyoshi Tane design in Paris

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The partnership between Tsuyoshi Tane and Pibamarmi, started in 2019 with the Sound of Marble pavilion for the Marmomacc fair in Verona, goes on with spaces for contemporary living. Once again the hidden and stratified history of places and people inspires the Japanese architect, who places memories coming from a more or less distant past at the core of his work; memories ready to turn into guidelines for the conceptual and formal coordinates of his projects.Thus marble and stone return in Tane's design, first in an aristocratic flat in nineteenth-century Paris, in six single-material rooms reinterpreting, by abstracting them, refined artisan construction and ornamental techniques. Then in the Hotel de la Marine - Al Thani Collection museum exhibition space, in one of the most prestigious contexts of the Parisian hotelery, in a historic palace commissioned by King Louis XV. In this case, the stone essence of the project consists of granite and lava stone surfaces that evoke the flooring patterns of the Palace of Versailles.