Tsuyoshi Tane. Sound of Marble in Franciacorta

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6 May 2022

Ca' del Bosco Winery

Via Albano Zanella 13, Erbusco (BS)

Learning objectives

Tsuyoshi Tane is one of the most interesting exponents of contemporary Japanese architecture and his design vision is identified by the motto "archaeology of the future"; from work to work Tane establishes in fact a link of continuity between past, present and future, in clear contrast with the project without tradition and without memory that substantiates much architecture of current scenarios.
In 2019 this creative process took shape in the Sound of Marble pavilion, a sensorial exhibition space based on the interaction between marble, sound and light, and realized for Pibamarmi during the Verona fair Marmomacc. Today the pavilion is set up again in the park of Ca' del Bosco Winery, where works by artists such as Igor Mitoraj and Arnaldo Pomodoro are already hosted.
The inauguration of the new installation is the occasion for the multi-part seminar that is the subject of this proposal, which aims to activate a reflection on the relationship between architecture and landscape, as well as on the relationship between the ancestral qualities of a material such as stone and the most innovative processing technologies.


Welcome and registration of participants

Archaeology of the future - critical presentation of the work of Tsuyoshi Tane
Davide Turrini

Sound of Marble in Franciacorta
Tsuyoshi Tane

The Ca' del Bosco winery: architecture, art, landscape
Gabriele Falconi

Welcome to the participants
Maurizio Zanella, Damiano Steccanella

Visit to the Sound of Marble pavilion and the sculpture park

Visit to the winery and wine tasting

The seminar is accredited to issue n. 4 cfp for Architects P.P.C. - REGISTER ON IM@TERIA PLATFORM free registration at a.bravo@pibamarmi.it

Seminar promoted by Pibamarmi in cooperation with the Brescia Order of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservators.