Grafton Architects for Pibamarmi

Marmomacc 26>29 September 2012

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In Ireland, bounded by the cliffs of Moher and Galway Bay, we can find the Burren, a vast limestone karst landscape emerging from the Ocean near the Aran Islands.

Apparently a bare petrified pavement criss-crossed by cracks, the Burren is actually very favourable to the natural world that grow there every season thanks to little ponds created by the rain and protected by the rocks.

This evocative natural environment is the metaphor used by Grafton Architects Irish studio for the new Pibamarmi pavilion at 2012 Marmomacc.
From natural landscape to exhibition design setting, The Burren becomes in this way a synonym of the stone presenting itself to the visitors naked and primeval, in the stylized form of a three-dimensional floor, of  an exhibition cliff.