Imitating and Inventing with Stone

A lecture by Mark Wilson Jones at Marmomac 2022

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Occupying a special place among the cultural events at the upcoming Marmomac exhibition in Verona will be the lecture by Mark Wilson Jones, architectural historian and academic from the British University of Bath. The talk, entitled "Imitating and Inventing with Stone", will develop a reflection on the history and principles of architectural theories in the light of research conducted on ancient buildings and possible applications to new constructions.
Wilson Jones intends to answer the following questions: What role should past experiences play as a source of inspiration for new design ideas? What position to take when operating on the Aristotelian spectrum of creativity from imitation to invention?
Reflections and answers materialised in the same context of Marmomac fair in the project signed by Wilson Jones for the Pi Bar Marmi pavilion.

28 September 2022, 11:00 a.m.
Verona, Marmomac Fair
Verona Stone District, Hall 6 / “La Piazza”

Introduction by Davide Turrini

Followed by cocktails at Pi Bar Marmi stand

Info and tickets
(+39) 0444688775