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Tailor Collection washbasins and tables

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The Tailor Collection, recently signed by Pibamarmi Style Office, is a lithic collection inspired by the world of tailoring, by patterns of clothes and accessories, or by weaves of fine fabrics. In a rich and articulated proposal of models, washbasins and tables with a rigorous and linear cut frequently reinterpret cylindrical columnar forms and, in the refined treatment of their surfaces, can give different styles to as many types of environments.

Delphi and Chester washbasins
from Pibamarmi's Tailor Collection

Countertop or floor-standing washbasins are minimal units, with clear shapes characterised by completely concealed drainage systems, with which to create different series and compositions depending on the space available.
All washbasins are characterised by the theme of lithic mono-materiality with concealed drains of various types that are transformed from technical elements into refined formal details that diversify the objects.
The external surfaces are richly textured with motifs ranging from generous grooves to denser pleats - in both cases inspired by the world of archaic or classical Greece - or diamond patterns that transfigure the stitching of other material cultures.

The textured column theme also returns in the central bases of some of the tables in the collection, all distinguished by circular tops. The turned cylindrical shapes, again fluted or pleated, then dialogue at different scales with the edge details of the tops, in a play of assonances made up of curved or angled profiles.

The accuracy of CNC machining and hand finishing is reflected in the refined surface design and in the edge and base profiles of each element. The materials and colours selected to give body to the objects also reinforce the new collection's distinctiveness in the panorama of contemporary stone design proposals: they range from Bianco Carrara and Travertino Milano with their neutral tones to the earthy colours of Pietra Grey and Grigio Portaluppi; from the strongly veined polychrome textures of Calacatta Viola and Calacatta Estremoz to the cerulean tones of Azul Cielo, or the dark ones with white streaks of Nero Marquinia.

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- di Davide Turrini